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Symbol Name Type Arity Description (a is the last popped element, then b, etc.)
λ; Lambda Function Structures

Create a lambda function (pushes an anonymous function to the stack).

ƛ; Map Over Lambda Structures

Map an anonymous function over every element of the top of the stack.

¬ Logical NOT (Flat) Elements monadic (1)

(a: any) → not a

Logical AND (Flat) Elements dyadic (2)

(a: any, b: any) → a and b

Logical AND (Reversed, Flat) Elements dyadic (2)

(a: any, b: any) → b and a

Logical OR (Flat) Elements dyadic (2)

(a: any, b: any) → a or b

ki pi Elements niladic (0)

pi (3.1415926).

Reverse Elements monadic (1)

Reverse a list.